Media Releases


February 28, 2020

Reports that all of Australia’s Aid Investment Plans will expire within months are further proof that the Morrison Government has no plan for Australia’s development relationships – undermining our relevance in the competitive Indo-Pacific region.
Aid Investment Plans set out Australia’s development priorities with partner countries and provide crucial benchmarks for assessing the performance of Government aid programs.
Since 2015 Australia has adopted 29 Aid Investment Plans, but this morning’s report shows the Morrison Government has allowed 25 of them to lapse, with the remaining four expiring in July.
This news comes after revelations the Coalition has cut its annual development assistance to Southeast and East Asian nations by $384.7 million, or 29.8 per cent, since 2014-15.
Aid Investment Plans are critical in ensuring taxpayers’ funds are achieving results when it comes to tackling poverty and promoting development in our region.
The Morrison Government’s aid cuts together with its abandonment of Aid Investment Plans are damaging Australia’s efforts to promote a stable, prosperous and secure region.
It demonstrates that Scott Morrison has no plan for Australia’s international engagement and development relationships, just as he has no agenda for a better Australia.